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We group our services into 5 main categories:
1. Set-up Company, Business & Operation
2. Joint Venture Set-up, Merge & Acquisition, Pre-IPO Exercise 
3. Apply Business Licence, Patents, ISO Arrangement
4. Routine Account, Audit, HR, Tax Filing
 5.  Start-up Outsourced Service
 6.  Line up Financial & Strategic Alliance

To learn more
details about of our services, please refer "Price Reference"

Start-up Outsourced Service 

Start-up can be a hazzle.  We can be your virtual one stop shop outsourcing service provider.

  • Licence Application
  • Design & Renovation
  • Human Resources
  • Accounting & Finance
  • Marketing
  • CEO Office Support

...can be outsourced to us and supported by our quality staff 

Business Expertise

...Fast Expanding Business can leverage on our specialty experience:

  • Retail & Service: Motor Companies/Restaurants/Production House/Model Agency/Studios
  • Energy & Technology: Patent Technology, Air-conditioning Savings, Lighting Savings etc
  • Natural Resource: Mining, Oil Refine & Recycle 
Line-up Financial & Strategic Alliance 

We have a network of investors and operators.  We are open-minded and creative in establishing collaboration for our clients.

Welcome to make an appointment with us for further discussion.

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