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Testimonials on Company Set-up and Support Services

"We are shareholders and directors of a lot of different companies.  The way Crestar Limited charges is clear and transparent.  We quote other companies that started from HK$500 to open a company.  In fact, a lot of costs were additional and must be incurred before a company can be completely set-up.  Ended up the bill is much more expensive and exceeded the original budgeted costs.  One more good thing is Crestar Limited provides very economical service but their services are '5-star!!!' "

Mr. Tsang - One of the directors of Pure Group Limited

 "The company is formed very quickly and the process is smooth.  Crestar Limited is flexible in re-arranging the workflow in order to help us speeden up the bank account opening.  Crestar Limited also does special favours to faciliate our operation located in different premises, such as arranging additional company chops fast and no extra charge.  Thoughtful service is essential for fast growing companies" 

My Entertainment Limited

"We were frustrated from our previous company secretary who only remembered to bill us punctually but could never remember our essential deadlines with company registry and the tax department.  We had to pay extra time and penalty costs to attend unnecessary court visits and late charges.  We thank Crestar Limited to give free advice and additional work that have to be done on clearing up the mess leftover by our ex company secretary."

Suitbase Limited

 "I have to travel in and out of Hong Kong/PRC/UK and I am not a permanent resident in Hong Kong.  Crestar Limited provides thoughtful reminders and checklist to eneasy my bank account application.  The reminders are also helpful in scheduling my trip and stay in Hong Kong.

Gruppem Limited

 Case Studies on Business and Transaction Services



Broadband Service Provider

Crestar Services:

Performed agreed upon procedures to evaluate broadband service access network proposal submitted to the client.  Reviews and due diligence procedures were performed to assess: 1. Financial capability of the access network provider 2. Homepass of the access network provider 3. Cost structure of the access network


As the people in Crestar Limited is qualified and experienced in special transaction services, together with strong business acumen and industry knowledge, the project was satisfactorily completed within very tight deadline and short timeframe.


Case Study II


Media & Entertainment

Crestar Service:

Provide business review, business statistics compilation and strategies to turnaround business.


Our client was very happy and voluntariliy feedback on us less than six months after project completion that their turnover had increased.  Profit margin had also increased.  The company stopped making loss and started to make profit.

Case Study III


Motor Trade

Crestar Service:

Provide comprehensive regulatory compliance, office,administrative and marketing support services


Our client was very happy and worry-free that they can concentrate on their motor sales and trading expertise to build further sales while leaving tedius but essential back-office set-up and daily operating activities to Crestar Limited


Case Study IV


Environmental - Energy Savings

Crestar Service:

Provide strategic and operational consultant services


Our client' business was successfully start-up within very short time.  Crestar Limited is helping client to apply patents and grow their business as business partner.



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